Frank Talens, PF5T

Frank Talens
p/a Hoofdstraat 52
8401 CB Gorredijk (map)
The Netherlands
phone: +31 62 8784844
PGP key: 4708 9C0F 3D41 10EC
Amateur Radio callsign: PF5T

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Amateur Radio

I am a licensed ham radio operator with the call sign PF5T. I'm very fond of participating in both national and worldwide radio contests on Shortwave (160M to 10M). I'm mostly active with setups similar to Field-day. All my antennas are temporary and home-made, often fed with open feeders. My favorite modes are Phone and Telegraphy (SSB/CW). When possible I use only a low amount of power, that´s 5 Watt a.k.a."QRP" in my case.

Personal life

Currently I'm active in hearing-aid retail after being employed in consumer electronics for two decades. Furthermore I am a HiFi-enthusiast, so at home I have my own listening room. You can find me there listening to anything from The Cure to Squarepusher, from Melody Gardot to "The Belleville Three".

When I´m outdoor, I like to go on my bike or just for a stroll in the park. During holidays I like to get out with my family for some camping.


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